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Robotics is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that is fast becoming a phenomenon around the world. It is defined as the study of a Robot's mechanism, automation, chassis and behavior. Though the word "Robotics" was first coined in a science fiction novel way back in 1950, interest in this field as a subject of academics is fairly recent.
Applications of Robots
There are oodles of applications of Robots in a gamut of sectors. Robots have in certain cases replaced human workforce and in others have enhanced and made humans work safer. Medical Surgeries, Automobile, Aeronautics, Construction are few of the industries where Robots are widely utilized. Mechanical Engineers, Information Technologists, Automation Engineers are among the many professions whose knowledge base will be helpful in understanding and in turn flourishing in the field of Robotics.
Industries utilizing Robotics
Though in recent times more and more industries
With advancements bought about in the field of Robotics, its range of applications have widened exponentially. During the days when Robotics was gaining momentum both in academics and industrial sector, people were suspicious and even proclaimed vitriolic statements criticizing the introduction of Robots in their work place. Such acrimonious sentiment has become sporadic as years went by, mainly due to the fact that people started perceiving Robots as a supplement that enhances their work rather than as a threat.

Industries started utilizing Robots for providing assistance, precision and efficiency. The following are the various industries Robots have penetrated.
Automobile Industry
Integrated Circuit Industry
Military Combat
Space Exploration
Mining & Oil Drilling
Film Industry
Facts about Robots
Leonardo da Vinci, the famous Italian renaissance polymath, drew plans of an armored humanoid machine in 1495.
Elektro was the first known humanoid robot which made its appearance in 1939. It was a 7 foot tall walking robot and spoke about 700 words.
Currently about 4000 robots serve in the US military at times participating in combat situations.
Professor Kevin Warwick is a self-proclaimed world's first robot with computer chips implanted in his left arm.
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